Wood-aluminium windows IV78

The wood-aluminium window IV78 perfectly combines thermal insulation and aesthetic qualities of wood with the technical properties of aluminium.

Aluminium finishing profiles are available in various visually different styles. Besides the standard Classic”, there are such variants as Retro, “Linear, Soft Line and “Integral”. The wooden profile is adapted to the aluminium finishing system of ALURON Gemini. The additional third sealing contour is used to safely discharge rainwater or condensate to the drainage channels in the lower profile of the aluminium frame. It also improves the sound insulation of the window, as well as reduces the airflow. The bottom of the frame contains cuts for easy installation of internal and external windowsills; it is possible to make grooves around the perimeter for mounting of plasterboard finish.

  • Wooden sections of the sash and frame are 78mm thick; the frame with aluminium cover plates (construction depth) is 97 mm thick.
  • Standard insulating glass unit is 44mm thick, its thermal transmittance coefficient Ug=0.5 W/m2*K. Thermal conductivity coefficient of the window 0.86 W/m2*K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-1).
  • Sound insulation with a standard 44mm insulating glass unit is 32 dB. By choosing special sound-suppressing insulating glass units, it is possible to achieve the sound insulation of up to 50 dB.


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