Fire doors

Flora Ltd offers its customers production of a single wooden door with fire resistance of 60 minutes (EI60) and 45 minutes (EI45).

Due to the carefully-crafted 72 mm thick door profile with 2 rubber seals and 2 fire resistant self-expanding tapes for additional smoke insulation, they not only provide the desired fire resistance, but also successfully meet the highest sound insulation requirements (~43dB*). 

Due to the integrated 3-point lock and easy-adjustable stainless steel hinges, these doors will serve as the entrance door for both hotel rooms and apartments.

To ensure maximum sealing of the door sash, a 40mm low solid wood threshold is integrated into the door. Fire doors are available painted (according to RAL or NCS catalogues) or veneered using quality A sliced oak or walnut veneer and stained in one of the 54 tones offered.


Dimensions of the certified door:
980x2200 mm
Maximum door dimensions:
+15% (horizontally or vertically), not exceeding + 20% of the total area of the doors tested
Dimensions of the door box:
68x110 mm
Thickness of the door sash:
72 mm
Threshold dimensions:
110x40 mm solid wood threshold
Door material:
Oak or walnut
Painted or stained
double sealing (+2 self-expanding tapes for smoke insulation)
KFV AS-2372 FS 3-point lock
Standard (for EI60 doors) or concealed (for EI45 doors)
Stainless steel
Interior doors, entrance doors for apartments, entrance doors for hotel rooms
Possible additional equipment:
A screw-on door closer


Fire doors are manufactured according to the certificate issued by BM TRADA Latvija Ltd.


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