• Wooden products may be stored and operated in premises with relative humidity of 50-65%.
  • After window and door installation, their wooden parts must be immediately carefully cleaned with pure water.
  • Glazing units can be cleaned after a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • It is prohibited to clean the silicone seal with rough objects and chemically active cleaning substances.
  • Wooden parts can be cleaned with chemical substances that are developed and suited for wooden window cleaning. It is prohibited to brush with sponges which are not suited for wooden surfaces, scratch with sharp objects or to handle wooden surfaces in any other abrasive way.
  • To avoid the sticking of the rubber seal to the unit the first 2 weeks the windows needs to be opened at least 1 time a day.
  • Treat 3-4 times per year wooden parts with a special varnish and colour defensive agent.
  • It is prohibited to hang heavy objects on the window sash and place any objects between the sash and frame for fixation needs.
  • By opening the window or door it is prohibited to strike and push the sash against the wall
  • It is prohibited to leave windows open if the wind speed exceeds 3m/s.
  • On the window boards it is prohibited to step on them, to place objects which give off moisture and to place hot objects.
  • By closing the sash it is prohibited to place body parts between the sash and frame.
  • If a small child or mentally ill person has access to the window, then the window needs to be fitted with a lockable handle or sash blocker.
  • To ensure at least once a year lubrication of the hardware, if needed then fastening of the mechanism screws. Burglar strike plate needs to be lubricated regularly- once a month. Regular checking/ refastening of screws.
  • It is prohibited to place objects between the sash and frame in opened position.
  • Do not attempt to change the handle position when the window sash is opened.
  • It is prohibited to point heating elements towards window and door glazed parts.
  • Before room redecoration wooden parts need to be covered with a protective plastic film. It is allowed to fasten plastic films only with tapes 4334 Tesa Prazisionskrepp, 4838 Tesa Maskenband, 4438Tesa Oberflachenschutzband, 50560 Tesa Oberflachenschutzband, Scotch 20902 (3M), Schuller 4549 Putzband Gevebeband.
  • If condensate is observed on the glass the the room needs to be ventilated.
  • Corner connections need to be checked every year, if there are cracks on the finish then they need to be filled with a sealant.
  • Above entrance door a hovel is obligatory.
  • Window and door grooves need to be cleaned from small debris 3-4 times a year.
  • Glass must be cleaned only with purpose made cleaning substances and equipment at least once a year.
  • Other material as cement, plaster etc. getting on the surface must be avoided.
  • Immediately clean the surface if any kind of foreign body or liquid gets on it. They can cause lacquer and colour defects.
  • If closing mechanism are in the window or door embedded- their moving parts need to be lubricated at least once in 3 months.
  • Sliding hardware rails need to be cleaned from dust and rubbish in order to protect the sliding hardware wheels.
  • Automatic opening and closing electric motors can be used only when they are properly connected to the main control and power supply. The electric motors can be connected only by a appropriate qualification specialist.
  • Mosquito nets can be attached from inside and outside. For mosquito nets attached on the outside, the “rullo” cassette can't be exposed to rain. The tightening of the net should be done carefully to avoid uncontrolled contraction or tearing. Side guides and bottom fixings must be clean of dust and debris. For mosquito nets attached on the inside all the previously mentioned rules apply.
  • Products without finish can stay in their raw state not more than for 36 hours after the delivery. They should be stored in facilities with relative humidity not more than 60% and air temperature from +18° to +24°C. Such products can't be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Window boards should be stored in a horizontal position. They can't be loaded with weights and can't be based against one another.
  • Finished products can't be held in their packaging not more than for 7 days after delivery.
  • Wooden windows should be stored in vertical position. They can't be loaded with weights or based against one another.


We do not recommend to install the windows during construction works, as around half of the produced products are damaged by builders in the construction process after their installation. If it can't be avoided the windows need to be cared with special attention.


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